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The Dawn of Agency

In case you missed it, Google’s recent Duplex demonstration left the attending techno glitterati gobsmacked and agape. Seems they were astonished by the authenticity a few “oh’s” and “um’s” and “ah’s” could produce when added to computer generated speech. I guess most of the audience wasn’t around back in 1990’s when natural language processing systems […]

A Perfect Storm?

Is the age of the too big to bust techno-trust about to come to and end? Have political, economic, sovereign and consumer butterflies created a techno-bombogenesis of dynasty ending proportions? Have the monopoly making network effects of multisided platform flywheels finally reached their asymptotic limit? Will the simple humility of sound business practices, fidelity to […]

AI: Waking the Neuromorphic

Did you catch Intel’s big announcements at CES this year? That’s right, touting its True VR Intel proclaimed 2018 will be the year that virtual reality finally takes off. Which just happened to be the big CES announcement in 2017 and the year before that and the year before that for about the last six […]

Privacy, Blockchains and Balkanization: The Rise of Custody and The End of Adtech as We Know it

What is bigger than Y2K, more expensive than an Oracle upgrade and sneakier than a Sasser worm on a vintage Windows PC? That’s right. GDPR. GDPR may sound a little bit like a German political faction and, in fact, German political factions may have helped get it started but the cold truth is the letters […]

AI: “What’s reality but a collective hunch?”

In case you’ve missed it, MIT Technology Review has been doing a spectacular and somewhat sobering series on the current state of Artificial Intelligence, which I believe they plan to culminate in a dedicated year-end issue. And not a moment too soon. You know things have gotten out of hand when to say that the […]

Greed Is Good….

Could VC’s twist from their own petard? The first time I saw a venture capitalist was in 1974. Florsheim shoes, Brooks Brothers suit, school tie, horn-rimmed, tortoise shell glasses and according to my sources a pedigree that read like the marketing brochure from a trendy Cambridge sperm-bank: yada yada Harvard, yada yada Stanford, yada yada […]

The Elephant in the Room Just Got a Little Bigger

Meaningful Measures for Digital Strategies A few weeks back Gartner published a survey that got just about everybody’s attention. The survey consisted of 388 CEO’s and other senior executives. And the consensus that emerged was eye opening. Turns out a majority of CEO’s surveyed don’t see the payoff in emerging technology. Now to be fair, […]

Innovation: Power Laws, the Adjacent Possible and the Accumulation of Continuity

plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose  You can do some really nifty things with math. For instance, were you aware that winning the lottery is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be? If you start with a universe of say 36 or 42 or 56 possible numbers you don’t have […]

HPE Builds a Boat in its Basement

But will it still float if they ever get it out? Recently, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) has been losing ballast like a leaky freighter in a raging storm. Coming off the much anticipated separation of HP into HP and HPE there have been a number of additional strategic transactions executed by HPE including the sale […]

Revenge of the Thingies…

With the Dyn’s DDoS attack, the future of IoT just got much more daunting. About a week ago, somebody, who remains at-large, launched an exploit of Internet of Things devices that deprived numerous users access to several prominent Internet sites. This type of denial of service attack was not new; in fact, prescriptions to remedy […]

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