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The Ineluctable Entropy of Being

About a year ago, in a previous post here in Epilogues entitled The Curse of the Walled Garden – Facebook’s Inevitable Implosion Begins, we flat out said that not only was Facebook toast but that Verizon’s Walled Garden pretender “Oath”, a combination of AOL and Yahoo! was also kaput. Just by way of reference, the […]

Identity and Sovereignty

A couple weeks back, both VentureBeat and Techcrunch published pieces on a new entity called; the word entity seems apt as appears to be an amalgam of philosophies, concepts, technologies, foundations and flat-out, for profit opportunism. The press mentions were coincident with the announcement of’s new application #My31. Built on top […]

HPE: Getting the Boat Out of the Basement

Recently, HPE announced that it was committing to becoming a leader in intelligent edge computing and to substantiate its intentions it announced it was going to put $4b towards this initiative over the next four years. The details concerning how this money would be invested weren’t released, however, it did intimate that it’s “memory-driven computing”, […]

AI’s Inconvenient Truth

In a recently published piece, “Layoffs at Watson Health Reveal IBM’s Problem with AI”, Eliza Strickland writing in IEEE Spectrum laid bare the lack of finery clothing nearly all AI revenue forecasts. It seems that when it comes to Watson, IBM’s problem stems from its inability to effectively and efficiently monetize the technology. And guess what? It’s […]

Apple’s Backyard BBQ May Yet Prove To Be One Big Pickle

Well, whaddya know, Apple did it again. Against insurmountable odds, Apple managed to convince a bunch of neighbors, a cohort of colleagues really, folks from their very same valley that they might have over to their corporate headquarters for a brew and a brat, that Samsung really did infringe on their design patents. An argument […]

The Curse of the Walled Garden… Facebook’s Inevitable Implosion Begins

So, you’re a tech savvy executive, you go to all the right conferences, ask all the gottcha questions, think two moves in front of the industry and three moves in front of your competition. So why is it that in the last twelve months you’ve doubled down on products and services that have under performed […]

Dither, wither and die…HPE’s PointLess Strategy Strikes Again

Well, its official… HPE is strategically clueless or maybe PointLess would be more in keeping with their latest branding scheme. This week HPE’s PointNext service division announced it had acquired Cloud Technology Partners (Cloud TP). A curious move for several reasons. First, HPE has just finished selling its own services business ostensibly to become leaner […]

Innovation and Analogy: One of These Things Is a Lot Like Another

A while back we examined the notion that innovation, like social phenomena (see Social Subsidization and Diminishing Returns – March 2015) and venture capital (see Greed Is Good – August 2017), tends to subscribe to specific power laws. In the instance pertaining to innovation there was a strong suggestion that the richest opportunities for new […]

The End of an Error

On July 11th, 2017 with the announcement of the end of support for Windows Phone 8.1 the Verge reported that we had reached “the end of an era” when by most accounts it was the end of an error. Microsoft has been and forever likely will prefer to be an imitator rather than an innovator […]

Anonymity… Ain’t What It Used To Be

Back in 2012 we published a post entitled The Apple of Sauron’s Eye expressing a growing concern over the warrantless collection of private communications by sovereign entities. At the time, a US government project called Windstar along with the construction of perhaps the largest data center ever built dedicated exclusively to the collection, storage and […]

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