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The Fuse is Lit for the Next Cambrian Explosion

Back in 2016 in a post entitled “AI: The Next Cambrian Explosion” we speculated about the role open source might play in the acceleration of value created by potential AI solutions. At the time most of the major players were contributing some or all of their AI platforms to the open source community in hopes […]

The Search for El Dorado Continues

About ten years ago in a post entitled “The Search for El Dorado” we explored the burgeoning conundrum that social media posed for marketers of all stripes. At the time, social media was still a relatively recent phenomenon but one that was growing appreciably year after year. Shifts in media mind share on the part […]

AI’s Inconvenient Truth – Part II

Nearly three years ago, here in Epilogues, in the initial post entitled AI’s Inconvenient Truth, we mentioned that something didn’t seem right about IBM’s Watson Health unit. And we weren’t the only ones to notice. There didn’t appear to be any traction. But that wasn’t the only thing we noticed. If you scanned the entire […]

IBM Orders the NooB

Well, it’s official. Caught in the same share of margin trap that ensnared the likes of DEC and HP (see HP Builds a Boat in Its Basement – December 2016) it appears that IBM has employed the same elite consulting advisors to plot their next move. After all, spinning out your managed service offering seems […]

Work in the Time of Covid…Well, that didn’t take very long

I was speaking with a high school teacher recently and she was explaining some of the frustrations that arise from conducting classes remotely. Apparently, during a regularly scheduled Zoom class with multiple participants, she noticed one young man’s demeanor seemed somewhat static. As the class progressed she could see him periodically nod and go “um […]

The Ineluctable Entropy of Being

About a year ago, in a previous post here in Epilogues entitled The Curse of the Walled Garden – Facebook’s Inevitable Implosion Begins, we flat out said that not only was Facebook toast but that Verizon’s Walled Garden pretender “Oath”, a combination of AOL and Yahoo! was also kaput. Just by way of reference, the […]

Identity and Sovereignty

A couple weeks back, both VentureBeat and Techcrunch published pieces on a new entity called; the word entity seems apt as appears to be an amalgam of philosophies, concepts, technologies, foundations and flat-out, for profit opportunism. The press mentions were coincident with the announcement of’s new application #My31. Built on top […]

HPE: Getting the Boat Out of the Basement

Recently, HPE announced that it was committing to becoming a leader in intelligent edge computing and to substantiate its intentions it announced it was going to put $4b towards this initiative over the next four years. The details concerning how this money would be invested weren’t released, however, it did intimate that it’s “memory-driven computing”, […]

AI’s Inconvenient Truth

In a recently published piece, “Layoffs at Watson Health Reveal IBM’s Problem with AI”, Eliza Strickland writing in IEEE Spectrum laid bare the lack of finery clothing nearly all AI revenue forecasts. It seems that when it comes to Watson, IBM’s problem stems from its inability to effectively and efficiently monetize the technology. And guess what? It’s […]

Apple’s Backyard BBQ May Yet Prove To Be One Big Pickle

Well, whaddya know, Apple did it again. Against insurmountable odds, Apple managed to convince a bunch of neighbors, a cohort of colleagues really, folks from their very same valley that they might have over to their corporate headquarters for a brew and a brat, that Samsung really did infringe on their design patents. An argument […]

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