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The Elephant in the Room Just Got a Little Bigger

Meaningful Measures for Digital Strategies A few weeks back Gartner published a survey that got just about everybody’s attention. The survey consisted of 388 CEO’s and other senior executives. And the consensus that emerged was eye opening. Turns out a majority of CEO’s surveyed don’t see the payoff in emerging technology. Now to be fair, […]

HPE Builds a Boat in its Basement

But will it still float if they ever get it out? Recently, Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) has been losing ballast like a leaky freighter in a raging storm. Coming off the much anticipated separation of HP into HP and HPE there have been a number of additional strategic transactions executed by HPE including the sale […]

Revenge of the Thingies…

With the Dyn’s DDoS attack, the future of IoT just got much more daunting. About a week ago, somebody, who remains at-large, launched an exploit of Internet of Things devices that deprived numerous users access to several prominent Internet sites. This type of denial of service attack was not new; in fact, prescriptions to remedy […]

Hacking the Future 2.0……

Ahhh, a brand new year and I predict there will be predictions… Well it’s that time of year, once again the Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing and suddenly the Jetsons are once again in vogue. The year was 1962. And suddenly in prime time, a newly discovered advertising interval, from the miasma of […]

Larry, you evil genius…

A master redefines cloud computing without even trying… I’m not Larry Ellison’s biggest fan but I admit he has more of a Midas touch than most in the technology industry. His acquisitions are usually behind the curve, often buying customers rather than technology, and his innovations are much the same gaining as many patents through […]

Prophets on the SILK road…

When prophecies finally come to pass, what comes next?….. Back in the late ‘90’s and early 2000 Tim Berners-Lee and a group of folks at the W3C captured the world’s attention with predictions that web content would go from purely unstructured data to useful content based on query-able conceptual structures…the Semantic Web.  Soon after, a […]

The Apple of Sauron’s Eye

Rethinking Anonymity… Not just 4 the lulz of it all As someone who has lost sleep chasing bad guys through the briar patch of the onion router (TOR) only to lose them at the doorstep to China or Azerbaijan, you wouldn’t expect me to be anything less than a fan of full transparency when it […]

The more I buy gadgets, the better I like furniture….

Affordances and the Luddites who love them… Sad week, this week, with the passing of Steve Jobs, a true and uniquely American genius, not particularly when it came to computing, although he obviously had his bonafides when it came to bits and bytes, but especially in what it means to be human. He recognized more […]

A Flash in the Magic Pan

Monetizing cultural phenomena and other quixotic adventures A couple of weeks back, the CEO of a web start up called Svpply, Inc caused a ripple in the blogosphere when he posted that he really didn’t know what he was up to. He was candid in describing the challenges that he faced on a daily basis […]

“Over here, stupid!”

Like many of my ilk I have found that I am prone to specific loss of normal cognitive functions that seem related to my gender. For starters, I can’t find things, simple but important things, like keys, insurance cards, post-its with passwords, that kind of stuff. Now nearly everyone experiences this kind of short term […]

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