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I’m a big fan of movie epilogues. You know the part at the end of the movie where they explain what happened to all the protagonists and antagonists and sundry characters that you met over the last couple of hours. I mean, who would have guessed that John “Bluto” Blutarsky would go on to become a US Senator?

Anyway, you get to meet a lot of characters here at On Technology//On Strategy and in some instances we even give you a peak at how their epilogues will read.

So, way back at the beginning we said that Nokia’s phone business was about to become a Microsoft subsidiary. Don’t believe me? Check out Requiem for a Business Model – Part II – February 2011.

Or that Yahoo was about to be toast. Not once but twice. First time was Prophets on the SILK Road – October 2012. The second time was Big Bets and Long Tails – June 2013. And guess what? Here we are four years later. And yep! They’re toast. Oh, and stay tuned, here’s another one, so is the acquisition that took them out.

Or how about this one. The lasting contribution of social media to enterprise computing was not the adoption of Facebook by businesses but rather the reduction of the marginal cost of computing to zero. Don’t believe me? Check out Social Subsidization and Diminishing Returns – March 2015.

But this is not all about being prescient. But in some instances it might be. Given my readership, there are those who are already shaking their heads and murmuring even blind pigs can find truffles. But what good might those be unless you know how to use them.

Epilogues will be dedicated to examining past posts to find what lessons might be gleaned and then applied to what is current about technology and strategy. We hope to connect some dots and examine important issues with the aim of providing better insights into what really matters when thinking through the toughest challenges and issues every business will face in the coming years.

Buckle Up! We hope you enjoy the ride.


Graphic courtesy of Universal Pictures and National Lampoon – “Animal House”

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