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This is a personal blog.

In it, from time to time, I intend to put down thoughts which may or may not be of interest. These thoughts are completely my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of current or past employers, colleagues or other bloggers.

They will reflect my experience and opinions in a couple of categories which I hope will expand over time.

The first of these categories, On Technology, has to do with the high tech industry and information technology in general, the second category, On Strategy, deals with business strategy and technology.

Based on my background which in includes assignments as CIO/CTO at Mcguirewoods; VP, Strategy at Novell; VP, Marketing and Bus Dev, Cambridge Technology Partners; VP, Strategy, Xerox New Enterprises; VP, Computer Research and Consulting, the Yankee Group, among others, I think I have a unique perspective that may be of interest to others who work in this same field.

As time goes on I hope to expand the number of categories to include things of both a work and personal nature.

If you care to leave a comment, please do. BTW, only comments from real live people will be published. Thanks.

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