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Poppycock and Jabberwocky: The Impending Collapse of Free Range Language Models and Just About Everything Else

Authenticity. Its value is almost inestimable. Politicians crave it. Business leaders dedicate endless hours to secure it. Every pretender to the public’s attention, clergy, street poets and TikTok influencers, hopes to possess it even while crafting prevarications that belie their very intent. That which is authentic is without posture or ulterior motive. It does not […]

The Saucerer’s Apprentice: AI Co-Pilots in the Enterprise Cockpit

There’s a story I’m fond of recounting about when I was part of a team that stood-up a computer factory in Ireland many years ago. It was one of many such initiatives that were sponsored by the Irish Development Authority (IDA) that granted ten year tax holidays to foreign-based employers so long as they met […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: Large Language Models Are Having a Moment But The Future of AI Is Hyperdimensional

If by now you haven’t heard about ChatGPT and all its various cousins, acquaintances and relations you might want to check some recent obituaries cause there’s a better than even chance you’re deceased. Notice just what happened? The suggestion that your very existence isn’t a fixed reality but rather a probabilistic artifact conditioned on the […]

“We’re Gonna Need Some Faster Rats” – Leadership in the Post-Covid, Post-Millennial, Post-Monopoly World

The dominate theme in the history of high tech has been that of continuous growth. Ever since Moore laid down his famous Law, the promise of enduring productivity has been fulfilled over and over again and the industry has been rewarded with decades of what seems to be uninterrupted growth. And with that growth came […]

Tech in the Land that Rates Forgot

This one is for all you high rollers that loaded up on low rate margin and went all in on NASD eye candy only to run screaming from the market like a preacher from the local brothel when the church ladies staged a “discovery tour” to find out where their husbands went. It isn’t every […]

The Quantum of Quan: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Quantum Neuromorphology

So, in my free time I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, you know the usual stuff, where I left my car keys, will the Fed destroy the economy, how will the usual group of numbskulls start World War III and, when they do, will prepping really make a difference? Then I stumbled on to […]

Metaverse Schmetaverse

Back in 2007, in the land rush to social media marketing, I was asked to explore Second Life as a potential marketing venue for a B2B value proposition. And the only way one could explore such a medium was to “immerse” oneself, travel through its landscapes, meet its denizens and interrogate the avatars that “peopled” […]

Going Native

Recently, I was captivated by a small blurb in Venture Beat about a company that had just left stealth mode after securing it’s latest round of funding. The whole notion of leaving stealth mode conjures up images of a rouge space ship lowering its cloaking device because it needs it to operate in a visual […]

Somatosensoricity: Mastering Touch

  What’s in a name? An ancestor, a zeitgeist, some whimsey and dreams? Entrepreneurs often think long and hard about names before the marketing types get involved. Because once names are set, they get sticky, and sometimes the goo won’t come off your shoe. Take Smart Dust. For years it sat on the front stoop […]

Work in the time of Covid

By now, it’d be safe to assume that you are thoroughly versed in social distancing, rigorously practiced in hazmat antiseptic procedures and have joyfully embraced the art of living prophylactically. All things routinely proscribed by the Germaphobe’s Handbook of Acceptable Hygiene. Where once you went about your every day errands grudgingly resigned you now view […]

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