Kirk Klasson

Other Pursuits

Sometime ago, when I first thought about starting this blog, I hoped to eventually include things that had little or nothing to do with technology and strategy but were still of a personal interest. The idea was to share things, things that may or may not be of interest to others. So on this page you’ll find a few of my passions and with luck they may coincide with some of your own.

The first is called Words. Most of this material is original and through application or publication under copyright. The next will be dedicated to a very specific genre of music – chord melody standards. That will either mean something or it won’t. None of this material is original. And after that, depending upon the whims of nature, a little thing called Happy Valley. As always, I hope that you might find some of this entertaining and enjoyable.


Words – Stories, Poems and Essays


Insights on Technology and Strategy