Kirk Klasson

Quotes & Publications

Publication​ Article​ Appearance

Forbes ​“Putting the Moose on the Table”​ Mar 2008

Harvard Business Review ​“The Chief Strategy Officer”​ Oct 2007

Harvard Business Review ​“Technology’s New Frontiers”​ May 2002

iSource ​“New Models Take the Runway” ​January 2001

Financial Times ​“Markets Set for Shock”​ October 2000

Board Member Magazine ​“The ’Net Revolution”​ Spring 2000

Financial Times​ “Connecting People”​ November 1999

Business Week​ “A New Era of Bright Hopes”​ October 1999

CIO Enterprise ​“On the KM Midway” ​May 1999

Knowledge Inc​ “MSKCC Fights Cancer”​ August 1998

InfoWorld​ “Art of Knowledge Management” ​July 1998

Software Magazine​ “Sharing Similar Context” ​March 1998

ComputerWorld ​“You Have It Now”​ February 1998

Business Marketing ​“Is Personalization Right?” ​December 1997

The Red Herring ​“The Intranet Mechanics”​ October 1997

The Red Herring​ “Worst Tech Company Ever”​ March 1997

Connecticut Post ​“Xerox Spins Off Technology” ​February 1997

PC Week ​“The Copycats”​ February 1997

Salt Lake Tribune ​“Software Gives Web Big Picture”​ February 1997

Investor Business Daily ​“Inventions Now Raised”​ January 1997

San Jose Mercury​ “Browser Hailed as New Wave” ​January 1997

Los Angeles Times ​“Software Firm to Buy Rival”​ May 1995

Communications Week​ “Windows NT Cleans Up”​ April 1995

Dallas Morning News​ “Three Easy Pieces: AT&T”​ September 1995

Dallas Morning News ​“GM Plans to Spin Off EDS”​ August 1995

ComputerWorld ​“Damned if You Do”​ October 1995

Banks Systems ​“No Quick Fix”​ June 1995

Industry Week ​“Electronic Keiretsu”​ December 1994

Communications Week ​“Managers Gauge Network Cost”​ December 1994

CFO Magazine “Can This Man Save Digital”​ November 1994

Fort Worth Star ​“EDS Takes Its Own Advice”​ September 1994

San Antonio Express ​“Supercomputer Makes Cuts” ​August 1994

Associated Press​ “Supercomputer Seeks Protection”​ August 1994

Business Week “Can EDS Shed Its Skin”​ November 1993

Kirk M. Klasson​
White Papers and By Lines:

White Papers:

Rethinking Customer Loyalty​ (May 2001)

Bargaining Power ​(February 2001)

Creating Value Through Innovation (​September 2000)

Business Models for the New Economy​ (January 2000)

Rethinking Customer Acquisition (​October 1999)

New Economy Primer​ (June 1999)

Realizing Value From Knowledge Management (​February 1999)

Content and Collaboration (​November 1998)

Guest Lectures:

MIT Sloan School

Boston College Carroll Graduate School of Business

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