Kirk Klasson

Poppycock and Jabberwocky: The Impending Collapse of Free Range Language Models and Just About Everything Else

Authenticity. Its value is almost inestimable. Politicians crave it. Business leaders dedicate endless hours to secure it. Every pretender to the public’s attention, clergy, street poets and TikTok influencers, hopes to possess it even while crafting prevarications that belie their very intent. That which is authentic is without posture or ulterior motive. It does not […]

The Saucerer’s Apprentice: AI Co-Pilots in the Enterprise Cockpit

There’s a story I’m fond of recounting about when I was part of a team that stood-up a computer factory in Ireland many years ago. It was one of many such initiatives that were sponsored by the Irish Development Authority (IDA) that granted ten year tax holidays to foreign-based employers so long as they met […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: Large Language Models Are Having a Moment But The Future of AI Is Hyperdimensional

If by now you haven’t heard about ChatGPT and all its various cousins, acquaintances and relations you might want to check some recent obituaries cause there’s a better than even chance you’re deceased. Notice just what happened? The suggestion that your very existence isn’t a fixed reality but rather a probabilistic artifact conditioned on the […]

The Paltry Cost of Priceless Externalities

For the past few years, anyone who has been paying attention has come face to face with the economic phenomenon known as externalities. Popularized by causes like climate change, it is by no means something all that novel or vogue. Ronald Coase was one of the first to discuss the concept back in 1960 with […]

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