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I’ve always had a fascination for words. How they tousle and tangle to make meaning. How they inculcate time and space in our consciousness. How they sing of our past, chronicle our present and inspire our future.

There is a quantumness to words. They occupy reality by creating it, yet can harbor numerous meanings simultaniously. I once read that a writer can only create half of what is read, the reader creates the rest.

My first real venture in sharing my words was a tiny rhymed fable called “Why Snow Is White”, first published in 1989, long before the internet, but you can still find it there if you care to look. But you’ll also find it here.

Since then I have committed several things to writing as the moment and muse have allowed. I doubt you’ll find a common thread but if you do please share it.

So now, in my burgeoning otiose, I invite you to create your half.


Why Snow Is White

The Peeper Pool

Blue Heron

The Carver Cavitation

Standing in the James

October Wasp

When The Leaves Are Still Green

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