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The Search for El Dorado

Mad men, production functions and social media marketing Years ago, a colleague of mine, Barry Clapp, explained to me his theory of advertising. I’m sure I don’t remember the subtleties but it went something like this…. Demand for any consumer good or service over any prospective population of buyers is essentially random, consequently the value […]

A Flash in the Magic Pan

Monetizing cultural phenomena and other quixotic adventures A couple of weeks back, the CEO of a web start up called Svpply, Inc caused a ripple in the blogosphere when he posted that he really didn’t know what he was up to. He was candid in describing the challenges that he faced on a daily basis […]

“Over here, stupid!”

Like many of my ilk I have found that I am prone to specific loss of normal cognitive functions that seem related to my gender. For starters, I can’t find things, simple but important things, like keys, insurance cards, post-its with passwords, that kind of stuff. Now nearly everyone experiences this kind of short term […]

Requiem for a Business Model…..Part II

This one’s just too good to pass up. Normally, I don’t post about current events. Mostly because it is difficult to learn any thing from the blur of the present. But since the last couple of posts dealt directly with Microsoft and Open Source Software (Requiem for a Business Model) and indirectly with Nokia (Value […]

Spooky Action at a Distance…..

Recently, McKinsey sat down and did an interview with Ray Kurzweil. Never one to be shy about predictions Mr. K out Moore’d Moore’s Law when it came to exponential prowess of information technology. First, he postulated that machine intelligence would rival human intelligence by 2029. Not really a stretch when you consider that IBM’s […]

Value Based Strategy Formulation

Techniques for Creating and Evaluating Strategic Options About five years ago a couple of professors from INSEAD wrote a book about abandoning traditional approaches to strategy formulation in favor of using a white space, clean sheet approach whereby you set aside your current markets, value orientation, economic model, capital obligations, etc. to pursue strategies based […]

Requiem for a Business Model

Open Source: You say goodbye and I say hello Many years ago C. Gordon Bell, perhaps the foremost student of the computing industry, drafted a paper with a working title of something like “Microprocessors: Any Winning Avenues Left?”. In it he analyzed the trajectories of broad categories of then current technologies including cpu, memory, operating […]

Managing Knowledge for Advantage

Now, more than ever before, the returns companies realize are increasingly related to their intellectual assets, and not the tangible assets they manage. Why? Because economic and competitive realities are demanding that companies focus on creating more value from their core business competencies — whether it’s product development, customized services, or managing the relationships they […]

Life is High School…

Ahhh, Facebook, the site that launched 500 million sites; the world’s clamoring social bazaar ; that intoxicating mix of narcissism and vanity that usually peaks in high school. There’s a well-worn axiom that goes something like this: you’re nobody ‘til somebody sues you. Well, Facebook has truly arrived. Recently, a suit was filed contending that […]

Forecast, partly cloudy….

For the last couple of years the concept of clouds has dominated the enterprise IT agenda. Dial up just about any periodical focused on enterprise computing and you will see cloud stuff everywhere. Walk through enterprise computing shops and the picture isn’t quite the same. Hype has always preceded adoption when it comes to this […]

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