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The Invisible Hand . . . . .

Ronald Coase has taken his leave, leaving behind several intriguing propositions that still twist in the crucible of the Internet…. Years ago with the advent of the World Wide Web all sorts of experts proclaimed that we stood on the threshold of a new economy, see The New Economy Primer, before us was a world whose […]

Big Bets and Long Tails…

The future belongs to the brave, the bold and those few who can still do simple math. So today’s WSJ along with every other business media outlet reported that Yahoo! bought Tumblr for $1.1B in an all cash deal. According to the Journal: “New York-based Tumblr, founded in 2007, has 175 employees, more than 108 […]

Openstack: Here we go again….

OpenStack….monetizing enterprise computing won’t get easier but maybe other things will. Several years ago I was having a cup of coffee with a business development exec from Jamcracker, back then an early instance of a rentable hosting environment. The proposition on the table was the incorporation of an open source operating system where the revenue […]

Prophets on the SILK road…

When prophecies finally come to pass, what comes next?….. Back in the late ‘90’s and early 2000 Tim Berners-Lee and a group of folks at the W3C captured the world’s attention with predictions that web content would go from purely unstructured data to useful content based on query-able conceptual structures…the Semantic Web.  Soon after, a […]

Nothin’ Like a Little Home Cookin’…

High stakes, low yields and endless pyrrhic victories… Well, the verdict is in, at least this week’s verdict is in, as Apple got a jury in their own back yard to endorse their claim that rounded rectangles actually does amount to Intellectual Property. Interesting, since many displays have employed rounded rectangles for years. The next […]

The Perils of Being Cool ……

Aesthetics, Intellectual Property and pyrrhic legal victories Awhile back there were a couple of posts here about the intersection of design and technological innovation (The more I buy gadgets, the better I like furniture and The Ghost in the Machine …October and November 2011) which raised the question as to whether or not design and […]

Social Media: Trouble in Paradise …

Walled Gardens, Social Media and Toxic Value Proxies The trouble with events is that they sometimes have calamitous confluences. Take Facebook. Unless you’ve been lost at sea for the past several weeks you’re probably aware of the bourgeoning Greek tragedy that is currently known as the Facebook IPO, the largest IPO in the history of […]

The Apple of Sauron’s Eye

Rethinking Anonymity… Not just 4 the lulz of it all As someone who has lost sleep chasing bad guys through the briar patch of the onion router (TOR) only to lose them at the doorstep to China or Azerbaijan, you wouldn’t expect me to be anything less than a fan of full transparency when it […]

The Ghost in the Machine…..

The Economy of Innovation and Mutually Assured Destruction Over the past few months, a number of the posts here have dealt with the notion of the economy of innovation (See Requiem for a Business Model, Parts I & II… January and February) Both of these posts explored the idea that rivals could not afford to […]

The more I buy gadgets, the better I like furniture….

Affordances and the Luddites who love them… Sad week, this week, with the passing of Steve Jobs, a true and uniquely American genius, not particularly when it came to computing, although he obviously had his bonafides when it came to bits and bytes, but especially in what it means to be human. He recognized more […]

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