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A Perfect Storm?

Is the age of the too big to bust techno-trust about to come to and end? Have political, economic, sovereign and consumer butterflies created a techno-bombogenesis of dynasty ending proportions? Have the monopoly making network effects of multisided platform flywheels finally reached their asymptotic limit? Will the simple humility of sound business practices, fidelity to […]

AI: Waking the Neuromorphic

Did you catch Intel’s big announcements at CES this year? That’s right, touting its True VR Intel proclaimed 2018 will be the year that virtual reality finally takes off. Which just happened to be the big CES announcement in 2017 and the year before that and the year before that for about the last six […]

Anonymity… Ain’t What It Used To Be

Back in 2012 we published a post entitled The Apple of Sauron’s Eye expressing a growing concern over the warrantless collection of private communications by sovereign entities. At the time, a US government project called Windstar along with the construction of perhaps the largest data center ever built dedicated exclusively to the collection, storage and […]

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